• The Spiral
  • The Spiral
  • The Spiral

The Spiral

Mixed Media. 56 x 70 cm.

Going inward and Outward, into the dark depths, then thrown into the light… like a see saw… going up and down.
The journey is a spiral, never ceasing to rest.
The dynamism, the motion
It blurs the perception, spinning like a top, creating ripples.
In this constant movement, emerges a dawn…
A peak into the unconscious… a whole new world…
The symbols, the visuals, all so unique…like they are narrating a story …I yearn to seek.
I look closer, and take a peak… this is the narration of my own making.
Alas the motion whirls out the noise… a rhythm sets in… like music to the ears.
Looks like I can see my word clearer…with a new perspective… nudging me into willing acceptance.
Oh this journey so sweet… cradling me softly… setting a Rhythm … I yearned since lifetimes!

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Dishaa Bhandari
Dishaa Bhandari

Dishaa Bhandari is an expressive arts practitioner from Bengaluru. Visit @buoyant_living to see more.

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