born in the clear waters
flowing through streams, rivers and tsunamis
lost in the
and pulling of the worlds
I look for the essence of love again.
in muddy waters
in pollutants
in guilt
in tears
in fears
in clogs and blocks
it is a mirror.


Dry flowers, strands of hair and black cotton thread on handmade paper
Damini Kulkarni - Untitled, 2022
Dry flowers, strands of hair and black cotton thread on handmade paper.


it's new moon
bathing in a glow of hope
drowned in the shadows
entangled in the roots
the question meditates, ‘what is left’
with burps
wisdom tooth ache
in the world of riots
deaths of lands
games of power
struggle of hearts
fish in the plastic glass.

I float in the beauty of cultures
I ground in traditions
I hold hands of the other one
with care
and union.
in search of purpose of the present world
I find myself in the dreamworld.


Is the journey of self inside-out or outside-in? A question we see-saw with to manifest life as it is. As Above So Below explores a path of self-reflection by extreme and opposite feelings. The intention remained in seeing the opposites within oneself and finding a union in them. To find a balance with acceptance and kindness. 

In the form of prompts, influenced from the stages of alchemy, the residency integrated opposites together. In a curated order of calcination, dissolution, separation and conjunction; the prompts integrated the four life elements. Keeping the opposites together - fire x water, air x earth - the processes were ritualistic and symbolic in nature.

To confront a person
with his own shadow
is to show him his
own light.
- Carl Jung

As Above So Below was a very personal expression for the curator, Apurva Kulkarni. He showed a path of embracing the ‘other side’ and accepting that it is only a shadow of oneself. We never let go of what is in us, it only transforms. Over its course, on an online platform, the practitioners witnessed a spectrum of emotions.


“I felt…”

Word cloud


Their hands transcended shadows of self into creations with lost and found materials, flowers & leaves, cloths & wires, ashes & water.
The artworks are testimonies of the creator coming in a lifelong conversation with the ‘other self.’
Testimonies of intimacy with the other self and the nature around.
Opening a door to the other side in grace, gratitude and growing union.


Damini Kulkarni
Writer-in-residence at As Above So Below, 2022.

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