Unfounded Realities

A cartography of the unconscious
A multi-disciplinary exhibition celebrating the found object

In a post truth world, cowering under the overwhelming threat of an unstoppable “flu”, are we that far removed from being mere characters in a post apocalyptic book? By the time the Objet Trouvé+ Residency came about most had already been through a challenging lockdown, been socially distancing for 4 months, and faced a reality that has gone from bleak to resigned since. 

The works in the exhibition were birthed into this swirling uncertainty from the minds of 11 disparate individuals. Following in the footsteps of the Surrealists, each maker found a vein of untapped potential, a stream of consciousness that helped fuel the works on display. These works are different in many ways from the artist’s oeuvre, in that they are unfiltered glimpses into the minds of artists. It is the spark of an idea, being fanned into flames. The online format forestalls any interaction, limits access and narrows our vision of the work to that which can be seen through a rectangular peep hole. But it is in a way the most democratic, most fitting result of a Residency that took root in Apurva’s mind in the depressive depths of the pandemic, allowing us all a peek into the inner worlds of the participating artists. 

The found object has for long been a much lauded and reviled facet of art making, raising questions of authorship and authenticity while simultaneously disparaging the artist who resorts to the ‘readymade’. The Residency sought to celebrate this ever present but much ignored ‘object’, turning us, like Apurva believes, into archeologists, digging through our unconscious and projecting our deepest images onto the things that surround us.

Nishita Zachariah

January 2021

Élodie Alexandre

Sahil Betigeri

Anirudh Bhattacharya

Miriam Koshy

Rajvi Mehta

Praveen Naik

Saraswati Renata

Gayatri Salkar

Ruchi Bakshi Sharma

Vasudev Shetye

Shyamli Singbal

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