Still, life

“Still, life” developed out of curator Apurva Kulkarni’s long-standing engagement with Jungian psychotherapy. In encouraging participants to delve and investigate different aspects of their being, it functioned in part as arts therapy and as a catalyst for further development. The prompts and the final works under Exhibition are meant to be viewed within that framework. 

Each work presented here is an intense and personal exploration of a facet of the artists’ personality and experience. Apurva’s proficiency in creating the perfect storm, in provoking conversations and explorations of thought and medium, resulted in these sincere works of art. 

To better understand the Prompts, we’ve created definitions of the keywords in the context of this Residency.


aka, doorway, threshold, portal. Fraught with trepidation, promise, hope, challenge and assorted feelings of general unease or nonchalance based on your lived history. A space of contemplation between two different spaces, states of being.

Memento Mori

trans. Latin “Remember that you must die”. An object kept as a reminder of the inevitability of death, such as a skull. an ode to the departed. A reminder of something lost. A paean to that which no longer exists.

Without Still Life

A richly documented mode of painting often overlooked for its perceived lack of character. Captures a setting of items laid out in a specific manner so as to invoke associations, thoughts, feelings. A transient moment captured/ arranged for posterity.

Disclaimer: For this prompt the key image ‘Without Still Life’ (1966) by Domenico Gnoli was used for educational purposes only.


A place of comfort. A place of ownership. A place to unpack. A person.

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