• The Apparent Separate Self
  • The Apparent Separate Self
  • The Apparent Separate Self

The Apparent Separate Self

Mixed Media and digital. 29.7 x 42 cm.

‘The body is an idea, a memory or an image for our minds. But in direct experience, the body is ever changing, tactile, vibrating and alive, intimately connected with its surrounding. ’

Ellen Emmet


‘We have been conditioned by our culture to believe and feel that our essential nature of pure awareness, our self resides in, is generated by and shares the limits and destiny of the body. Identification with the body seems to limit ourself. Thus, the separate self lives in a state of seeking and resistance, not knowing that what it seeks is the very nature of itself.

Explore the experience of the body, the felt sense 'I am the body’ we see that the body, which, if our eyes are closed, is experienced as a flow of sensations, is experienced within awareness. Sensation is floating weightlessly in the sky of awareness, like a cloud. With every layer of concepts that is removed from the body, the distinction between the body and awareness fades.’

Rupert Spira

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Kathryn Davies
Kathryn Davies

Kathryn Davies is a mixed media artist from Henley, UK. Visit @kathryndavies11 to see more.

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