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Acrylic paint and inks with gold leaf & Biodegradable material ie. found wood. Painting: 90 x 60 cm. Sculpture: 63.5 x 49 cm.


The North heard with open ears,
The voices from the South,
Sounds of disagreement rising,
To them from word of mouth.
The South was not much different, too,
For they heard the North protest,
Love and Wisdom did what they could,
But truce had not yet dressed.

They argued for eternities,
Their backs turned to the world,
Bickering and silly insult,
Back and forth were hurled.
They quarrelled many ages,
Through ice and bronze and stone,
Throwing rocks in childish storm,
With subtle, quiet groan.

While the Gods fought high above them,
And time did slowly tick,
North and South, divided still,
Drew plans both smart and quick.
Together working greatly,
Fellowship and smile,
They drew the Earth together,
Into one great, massive isle.

When Love and Wisdom turned and stopped,
Their fighting at a space,
They saw the world as one great ship,
And observed the human race.
“Such grand designs of pleasure! ”
Said one unto the other,
“And emotion running broad! ”
And they span upon another.

Silent exchange was then passed on,
And together did they glide,
To leave humanity alone,
Glowing golden pride.


Dorchester, England

May, 2006

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Miriam Gracias
Miriam Gracias

Miriam Gracias is a marcom strategist and visual artist from Goa. Visit @miriamgraciasart to see more.

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