• Life and Death in Melody
  • Life and Death in Melody

Life and Death in Melody

Paper, Papermache, Thread, Cloth, and Ash. 62 x 77 cm.

My Life is not a life in the literal sense. My consciousness can be revived only when shock is applied to it. The capacity can be acquired only by developing absorption in the inner state so as to become like "Dead in the hands of a dresser".

What I did to myself, was never done by any blind person unto himself, I lost the Master of the house in the midst of house itself. 'Living Dead'

My master most happily declared " It is not every moth's capacity to burn on an extinguished candle-flame.


Shri Ram Chandra

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Nayna Bandekar
Nayna Bandekar

Nayna Bandekar is a visual artist from Goa. Visit @naynabandekar to see more.

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