Poonam Verma Mascarenhas

Shamanism Redefined

Shamanism Redefined

Photograph and verse. 29.7 x 42 cm.

As is above- so is below
As is within- so is without
Get over it!

Do all mothers fall in love with their new-born?
No! Some get a fright of their lives seeing coloured eyes –first time in their lives!
None could foretell that an honest remark in a casual conversation could substantially erode self-worth
Important it became to - #Getoverit!

Curiosity of church - walk way up and back- the 7 kms- with friend’s family
Experience camaraderie and thrill of together in prayer
Skipping with joy of a new adventure - share back with your source-coders.
Promptly follows a thrashing- “you did not tell where?” “you have to follow our ‘code’”.
Stumped is your 10 year old brain- but god is one you said -no? - I went to a prayer – not a social- no?
Behind the teary eyes- ticking begins in brain, and one day soon you infer- religion has nothing to do with god or prayer!

Riding the cycle- wind in your hair- finding a song in each season and year
Going to school meant more- then sitting in the class chair
Trees, leaves, birds, fog, rain, sun or the storm - feeling alive and one with them all!
So what if there were catcalls!
So what if boys jeered! So what if some followed you –lurking and jeering
You learned to ‘ignore’, because you valued mobility - more
And if your heart raced a bit more – at times - in fear,
You thrust it in each pedal and outrace it to #Getoverit!

Unknowingly - layers of crest crept
Dawned early - that to earn - was the way to liberty for self
Added was to grapple with shrouded exploits of known trusted ‘guides’
Is verbal violence better or worse - that thought resurges- but answer never found
What did I do to deserve such a plight?

The first task at hand was to leave all of it behind!
Right brain muted left brain in hyper-drive; the crust encloses the trusting heart
Tongue grew spikes - as mind sharpened; shrouding sweetness forever.
Blunt became the middle name
None knew I was trying to #Getoverit!

‘Good looks’ with ‘brains’ – no way – they infer!
Whispering pillows, ghostly tongues – din attempts again to instil fear.
You ignore the buzz - and bewildered you question more the self- but not the so called ‘friends’
To remain sane - you befriend the authors instead!
You read and read as you know - indeed- have to – have to: #Getoverit!

Search within to evolve - the readings said- and those who had read more – regurgitated the same.
But the audio- and visual of these aspirational beings - seldom matched.
Dream more- and carry ‘the Dream’- within- you resolve
Nowhere to call home becomes at home everywhere.

Walk tall or crawl, move you must!
Travel the world – make beautiful or challenging memories,
That is the molten mettle that forges the capabilities.
Brick bats, stones, hugs or love- each gives as per their capacity
Not the measure of what one deserves – for one’s audacity.

Thoughts must accompany action and then reflection is essential for learning – is a human source code
The act of making art: mirroring, annihilation, embracing dissolution and mandala of resurgence
Followed by separating then gathering - lead to a conscious synthesis

This merged action- reflection disrupted the code and cracked the crust
The smile of ‘knowing’ words do matter but also can be laid to rest
To move forward, frequently, one must - #Getoverit!

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Poonam Verma Mascarenhas
Poonam Verma Mascarenhas

Poonam Verma Mascarenhas is an architect, building conservationist, research-writer and environmentalist from Goa. Visit @architect_poonam_goa to see more.

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