• Amniotic Fluidity
  • Amniotic Fluidity

Amniotic Fluidity

Wood, ash, coal, acrylic, flowers, karpoor, cardboard. 45 x 75 x 20 cm.

I wish I could paint you a mirror
So you could see yourself
Leaping free of a palette of blood, tears and semen
Thirsting for a canvas to rest the profusion
Of your mad and many colours

I wish I could paint you a rainbow with wings
So you could fly to virgin planets
Bid goodbye to your shadow
& Consummate your marriage
To your Self

I wish I could paint you lying naked
Rolling a joint
Blowing clouds of        angel dust
As your wings chase butterfly destinies

I wish I could paint you in the midst of a sigh
Because you’re so happy

I wish I could paint you
So I could watch
As you float in my canvas
Readying for flight
While your wings Caress distant metaphors
Residing in strange moons

I wish I could paint you
But some people
Do not belong
Even to hidden corners of the mind.

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Swagannathan is medium agnostic. He works with stories, film, comics, podcasts, calendars, games and art.

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