Tomorrow's Past, 2021

Digital Film, 60 seconds

In the dead of night

As the darkness settled over the dead of night
Did I steal away to meet her
She loomed sad and solemn on the borders edge
Her emerald eyes glowing through the misty cover

Her hands in beckoning stretched out to me
The hands that seemed to brush past the night sky
But at her core there thrummed a sadness
As dew drops pricked at her eyes

Could she would make of me a saint?
Or I of her a sinner?
As the ground below my feet rumbled and raged
I felt my path become treacherously thinner

My journey now seemed hazy
The fog that drenched the moors clouded my eyes
As I stood beneath her boughs
I knew not the way my path would lie

My mind reeled as in turmoil
They urged me good the whispers of the trees
But the weight of my choice loomed ever so nearer
In dismay I fell to my very knees

But she shuddered like the fickle wind
Her moans rolled low over the marshes
As she beheld the avariciousness of the curling of my lips
My cold eyes glinted hard in harshness

And through the cruelty that tainted my sight
I saw her a mere shadow etched on a broken wall
And now a specter dawned before my eyes bathed in gold
And I became a slave to another's call

And at the heart of the stillness of the very night
Did I turn my back on her
And it was in the dark of night that I heard a cry
It was my heart as it began to shatter

- Kelly Faria

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Cornelia Sequeira
Cornelia Sequeira

Cornelia Sequeira is an artist and an illustrator. Follow her
She can be contacted at [email protected]

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