• Vanastri marked, June 2021
  • Vanastri marked, June 2021

Vanastri marked, June 2021

Basalt stone, acrylic paint, steel and wood base, 18"h x 16"w x 2" thickness.

Every forest is home to a living earth goddess. Vanastri was the earth goddess of Mollem. She was a living symbol of fertility of the ancient wilderness.
About 18 full moons ago, she along with 40,000 of her tree children were marked with a nail to be felled. She was the first to go.
She now lives within us. We live without her.


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Nirmal Kulkarni
Nirmal Kulkarni

Nirmal Kulkarni is a self-confessed snake man, inter-disciplinary artist, ecologist and conservation photographer. You can follow him at instagram.com/nirmal_kulkarni_ and facebook.com/nirmalkulkarni and he can be reached at [email protected]

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