A Dream of Maya, May 2021

A Dream of Maya, May 2021

Acrylic on canvas, 20 inches x 28 inches

The Zen people says “There was song in the beginning, and then God sang and God danced, and that’s what he has been doing since then.” Each moment it is a dance. Look around. Can’t you hear these birds? These are not birds; don’t be deceived by them. These are not birds. It is God singing, the God of the beginnings — because it is always a beginning. Each moment is a beginning. Never think that the beginning was somewhere in the past. This is the beginning, and it is always the beginning and there is no end. It is God singing.

Can’t you hear the silence of the trees? It is God, silent.

In the birds he is singing, in the trees he is silent. Birds cannot exist without the trees, and, let me tell you, the trees cannot exist without the birds either. The birds sing for the trees, and the trees are silent for the birds, and there is a marriage. They are tied together. If trees disappear, birds will disappear. Kill all the birds of the world, and you will one day see the trees are disappearing. Everything is intertwined, everything is interlinked. This is what we mean by the word “ecology” ~ everything is together.

It is God singing, it is God silent.

- The First Principle -Talks on Zen - Osho

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Praveen Naik
Praveen Naik

Praveen Naik is an interdisciplinary artist and art teacher. You can follow him on instagram.com/silentpoetryofpraveen and facebook.com/praveen.naik.39982
He can be contacted at [email protected]

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