• Hats on - Femage to Elsa, 2020
  • Hats on - Femage to Elsa, 2020

Hats on - Femage to Elsa, 2020

Found objects and drawings on cardboard. 30 x 13 x 10 cm.
  • Next of skin - Seven gratings, 2020
  • Next of skin - Seven gratings, 2020

Next of skin - Seven gratings, 2020

Terracotta and distemper. 40 x 35 x 4 cm.

Both of Élodie’s works in the exhibition draw on her experience of living with psoriasis, and her discovery of the humble cheese grater as a close proxy for the way the condition affects her skin. The imagery is so evocative that the cheese grater has found its way, along with other household objects, into both the works. The elements featured come from the kingdom of the Skin King, an imaginary character surrounded by objects that feature in his everyday life: the brush and pan (to help him clean up after his subjects), the teapot, the clock, as well as his throne and table. Her light-hearted take on this condition she grapples with, introduces audiences to the various players that surround this make-believe King. For Femage, Élodie draws inspiration from the Residency’s spiritual surrealist guide, Elsa Von Freytag-Loringhoven, in devising a wearable headpiece.

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Élodie Alexandre
Élodie Alexandre
The dreamer

Élodie’s interest in space manifests in her terracotta works, blending drawing and sculpture to create a fusion of the two- and three- dimensional. Transforming key learnings and life lessons into simplified pieces, she twists space and form to create an evocative representation of quotidian objects. In her personal practice she champions the use of the humble terracotta, preferring its earthiness, warmth and colour. For the residency, Élodie delved into her ongoing skin issues to draw out forms that resonated with her and became key characters in the saga of the fictional Skin King.

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